Who are you really?

Who are you really?


If you are one of those who finds that you are not happy enough, not rich enough, not beautiful enough or not performing well enough at work, it is time to review your belief system, starting by seeing things differently and finding solutions to achieve your dreams and desires by building yourself as majestic a life as possible.

The author, Kimberly Snyder, who wrote several New York Times bestselling books, proposes to draw in oneself in order to create an epic, successful and inspiring life. 

First, we must understand that just because we feel something does not mean that it is true. Some people are champions at consciously or unconsciously bashing themselves. This can stem from past hurts or even from childhood. In fact, we have more resources within us than one can imagine. According to the author, we all have a go-getter, warrior and courageous aspect within us. Unfortunately, this potential is too often untapped.


It is often during adolescence that the first signs appear in terms of self-esteem. Some very extroverted people will assert their high esteem by presenting a bright aspect of their personality, while others, either more shy or more introverted, will begin to underestimate themselves in relation to others. It can be seen inside a sports team at school, during teamwork or just when chatting with friends.

You are more majestic than you think, Kimberly Snyder

As we cannot change our past, we must look forward, while observing certain causes related to our past. 

To increase our self-esteem, the author suggests exercises allowing awareness which are inspired by the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. 

A book that proposes to draw in oneself to use all our potential and aspire to a better life.


Regain your full energy

To feel good about yourself, you must first regain your full energy. Too often we feel tired and unmotivated, sometimes even to accomplish simple tasks. The author, Natacha Calestrémé, who is also a journalist and therapist, well known through her books, offers workshops to free oneself from the emotional burdens often transmitted by our ancestors, a family heritage that we would have done without. 

My energy notebook, Natacha Calestrém

In this third book, she offers 22 keys to feeling better and regaining all the energy necessary for our evolution. Being attentive to what is wonderful around us is one of the keys to making life more beautiful. Too often focused on what is wrong we come to forget the magnificence present around us. Showing gratitude for what you have is certainly a good attitude to get better.

The author, who has integrated shamanistic and energy techniques into her life, also suggests feeling useful . Several ways of doing things are within our reach in this sense even if, for example, we do not feel valued at work. Simple gestures can raise us on the vibrational plane and, in principle, the more we give the more we receive. 

We can simply help an elderly person who has trouble with his computer or cell phone. Open the door of a business if you see that someone has their arms full, or help someone who is disoriented. And why not call a loved one to simply show your love or friendship? She suggests showing kindness to three different people every day, every day. It is enough to be generous and provident even when you are not asked. 

The author also raises awareness of the risks associated with criticism. The more a person is inclined towards criticism, the more there is a risk that he or she will be criticized in turn. Conversely, by being kind to others, you not only feel useful, but you can also expect to receive kindness.

Among her other keys, she suggests learning to clear your mind, make yourself a wishing box and reconnect with your child's heart.