Who called to blow up the Crimean bridge the journalist has no regrets about his article

Призвавший взорвать Крымский мост журналист не сожалеет о своей статье

American journalist Tom Rogan said that no regrets about his article in which he recommended that the authorities of Ukraine to blow up the Crimean bridge. About this he wrote on the pages of the publication.

After Thursday it became known that the RF IC opened a criminal case against the journalist, Rogan addressed the edition with new material.

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“Am I sorry that I wrote the article? No, except for the fact that I could speak more clearly, showing that this impact could (and certainly should have been) to be applied to avoid victims,”wrote Rogan.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the Internet-the Washington Examiner on 15 may there was a column authored by Tom Rogan, which stated that Ukraine needs to blow up the elements of the Crimean bridge. According to the journalist, Ukraine has the resources that will allow you to strike from the air on the bridge so that at least temporarily incapacitate him.

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The column appeared in response to the information that on Tuesday, the opening of traffic over the bridge connecting the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai.

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