Who is AI Steve, this AI-generated candidate running for office in the UK ?

Who is AI Steve, this AI-generated candidate running for office in the UK ?

AI Steve is running for MP in the House of Commons. Courtesy of AI Steve

There is a candidacy that stands out in the next general elections in the United Kingdom, that of a character entirely created by artificial intelligence, a true virtual double of an entrepreneur, very real in turn . But who is this mysterious AI Steve ?

It is not only in France that citizens will have to express themselves at the ballot box. This will also be the case on July 4 in the United Kingdom where it will be a question of electing members of the House of Commons. Among the many candidates, there is one that stands out because it was generated by generative artificial intelligence. Called AI Steve, it is in reality an avatar of Steve Endacott, a businessman and real independent candidate for a post of MP.

The idea is to be able to vote for AI Steve, knowing that if he is elected, it is the real Steve Endacott who will sit in Parliament. In an interview with Wired, however, he explains that he does not want to replace politicians: “I think we are reinventing politics by using AI as a technological base, as a co-pilot, not to replace politicians, but rather to put them more in touch with their voters”.

10,000 simultaneous conversations

Technically, AI Steve was designed by Neural Voice, a company specializing in artificial voice chaired by Steve Endacott. Any Internet user can chat with him, asking him any question via his official website, AI Steve can theoretically hold up to 10,000 simultaneous conversations. The idea for Steve Endacott is to be able to answer, in a roundabout and original way, all of voters' questions, 24/7 thanks to his intelligent avatar.

The use of generative AI and the presence of a “virtual” candidate in such an election campaign obviously raises a number of ethical questions. However, it is likely that this type of initiative will multiply in the years to come. While the likelihood of AI Steve winning on July 4th is relatively low, it is nonetheless a great promotional tool for Neural Voice's expertise.

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