Who will be nominated to the Emmy Awards?

Qui seront les nomm├ęs aux Emmy Awards?

Overwhelmed by the pandemic of sars coronavirus, which was forced to change its rules, the 72e edition of the Emmy Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars for american television, will unveil on Tuesday his list of candidates for 2020.

Due to a virus, the ceremony is traditionally held in Los Angeles will be held live, but will be entirely virtual this year. It will start at 8: 30am local time and can be followed on the website of the Emmy Awards.

The epidemic has paralyzed the filming and deeply disorganized the production of many television series, preventing some from competing.

But, with the confinement, some 24 000 members of the Academy of Emmys will not have sufficient time to see the works of the applicants.

“The COVID has obviously prevented the meetings in the flesh so this year, people have not been able to make of the zeal,” stresses Joyce Eng, a specialist of the awards website Gold Derby.

“Between the containment and the extension of the deadlines to compete, it is assumed that the voters spent more time in front of the tv, but we don’t know what they looked at”, she explains to the AFP, warning against possible surprises.

“Is it that they’re looking at emissions that are outputs in the last three years and that they had not had the opportunity to see until now? Is what they watch all the new series this year? Is what they are looking for instead of what to change ideas?”

The competition is much more open than the heavyweights of previous editions, such as Game of Thrones or Fleabag, have hung up the gloves.

Among the favorites of the year 2020 for the drama series, the experts see for the moment Succession, dark comedy aired on HBO, and Ozark, produced by Netflix.

The Watchmen favorites

At Netflix, the now-famous The Crown should once again be in contention, as The Handmaid”s Tale: the handmaid’s tale (Hulu) or Better Call Saul, a product derived from Breaking Bad, both of which have also proven their worth.

The Morning Show, a small new broadcast on the platform Apple TV+, could compete with veterans.

Except surprise, the actors of these series should also be included in the list of candidates, including Brian Cox for Succession, Jason Bateman for Ozark, and Bob Odenkirk for Better Call Saul.

The British Olivia Colman, winner of the Oscar for best actress for The Favorite in 2019, should, meanwhile, defend the colors of The Crown alongside Laura Linney (Ozark), Jennifer Aniston (The Morning Show) and Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid”s Tale).

Next to comedy, we should find The fabulous Mme Maisel Amazon, which follows the adventures of a quiet housewife in new york denied engaging in stand-up, and the eccentric series canadian Schitt”s Creek, applauded by a host of celebrities, among which Michelle Obama.

In the category of mini-series, superheroes tortured of Watchmen, a series praised by critics, are almost assured to be a part of appointed and have good chances to win at the awards ceremony next September.

Watchmen is already a daunting set as such, but it has taken on a meaning even more strong in recent weeks,” says Joyce Eng.

The series, centered around the massacre of several hundred black inhabitants of the city of Tulsa (Tulsa, Oklahoma) in 1921 by the mob white, plunges into the heart of racist violence and police brutality, topics that are woefully prevalent in the United States since the end of may.

The list of nominations will be announced on Tuesday by one of the stars of the show, comic , Saturday Night Live, Leslie Jones.

The Emmy Awards will be presented on September 20 during a ceremony that will likely also be entirely virtual, Los Angeles and its region is one of the main foci of COVID-19 on american soil.

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