Who will be the new host of “Dancing with the stars”: by Gorbunov and Carol will join…

Кто станет новым ведущим "Танцев со звездами": к Горбунову и Кароль присоединятся...

Tina Karol and Yuri Gorbunov, ” dancing with the stars

today, 19:10

On Sunday evening, November 10, will host the quarterfinals of the show “dancing with the stars”, which in the end will be known the names of the semifinalists. Now for the victory in the show compete 7 pairs. Traditionally, on the balcony of this air will be new stars.

The official show page in social network Instagram announced who will be leading this time.

So, the balcony will be not one the star and well-known Ukrainian duet “Time and glass”. Former member of “Dancing with the stars,” which won second place in the fourth season of the project, Nadia Dorofeeva will support the participants after the speech on a balcony with bandmate Positive.

Кто станет новым ведущим "Танцев со звездами": к Горбунову и Кароль присоединятся...

the group “Time and Glass”

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“Yes, Nadya Dorofeeva and Positive will be leading the twelfth air show 🔥 Your favorite group “Time and glass” will meet and support the stars after their performances. Really cool news? 😉”, – said in a note on the page show.

Note that this time the show will have to take a new challenge and demonstrate on the floor at once for 2 dances. For the participants of the project will hurt the invited celebrity of Ukrainian show-business, musical performances that will accompany the accommodation of the participants.

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