Who will die in “Game of thrones”: artificial intelligence revealed the ending of the series

A computer algorithm predicted the ending of Game of thrones and called the last surviving hero of the series

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The true ending know only the creators of the series

Programmers from the technical University of Munich have created a special algorithm that learned to predict the end of the popular series “Game of thrones” and the final 8th season, which started April 14. A special algorithm running on a supercomputer, was able to provide information about who of the characters will die and who will survive to the end of the series with the highest probability.

Who will survive the final battle with the white walkers in the final season? According to the computer program, nobody except the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, with a small probability of death 0.9%. Meanwhile, the character most likely to die in season 8 first – Ser Bronn of the Blackwater with the probability of death of 93.5%.

A team of researchers used the methods used in the analysis of medical and insurance data. Insurance companies produce statistics on the longevity of each specific insured person. The algorithm then processes the data and predicts how many people live and the insurance company evaluates the risks.

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In real life, the forecast is built on the basis of information about whether someone is a smoker, what kind of life is, whether is engaged in a sport, whether family or paid work. But in the world of “Game of thrones” takes into account other information that is most important to determine the probability of death of the hero: which house belongs to this or that character, whether he is married, and who is his ally.The true ending know only the creators of the show, the actors and himself George Martin. Rights are algorithm find out in may when will release the final episode of “Game of thrones”.

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We will remind that earlier music from “Game of thrones” played on ancient computers. At the same time, analysts predict the electric scooter quick death.

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