Who won “dancing with the stars”: a surprising choice favorite pair of Ukrainians and details of final show

Кто победил в "Танцах со звездами": неожиданный выбор любимой пары украинцев и детали финала шоу

Dancing with the stars, photo: viva.ua

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November 24 on channel 1+1 was the final of “Dancing with the stars”, which is a Cup competed three Ukrainian celebrities Victoria Bulitko, Ksenia Mishina and Anna Rizatdinova.

All the couples have prepared for the final test for 6 dances. The first participants showed their debut number on the project, then your most popular room for all the time dance show. The third task was announced by the judges.

The finale was full of discoveries and confessions. Anna Rizatdinova said he did not want to be perceived solely as the wife of an oligarch, and that we associated with the finale of “dancing with the stars”. Additionally, the finalist hinted at a new love, which appeared due to the project.

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Ksenia Mishina admitted of a doubt, that was it for the show, but she was convinced the son of Plato, to whom she would dedicate the trophy to winning. And Victoria Bulitko thanked for the love of the people, and suggested that many of her fans see themselves in it, because it is like Cinderella who got to the ball.

“For life” danced four dances in a row, tango, freestyle and cha-cha-cha, Jive. As a result, the finalists of “Dancing with the stars” are:

Third place — actress “Diesel Show” Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar.

Second place — gymnast Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov.

First place — actress Ksenia Mishina and Jack the cat.

Earlier, the scandal on the show “dancing with the stars interrupted the speech of one of the pairs”

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Ilona Gvozdeva admitted who is sick in the finals of “dancing with the stars”

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that participants prepared for the finals on “Dancing with the stars”

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