Who won in the show “the X’s” with Pedana: “They went too far”

Кто одержал победу в шоу "Эксы" с Педаном: "Они зашли очень далеко"

today, 19:51

Ended popular Ukrainian reality project “Expropriations”. A crucial role in the decision played the last ninth week on the project. Also already in the final, leading Alexander Pedan and Natalia Yezhov wanted to hear the opinion of each of the participants, who were invited to the party.

All couples deserve to win, reports the press service of the New channel.

Each of the pairs of finalists deserved to win. They went too far and did not want to leave the project. Not through passion, but because they understand what therapy is delivered. For that, I respect them, “said Pedan.

According to Alexander Pedan and Natalia Ezhova, more likely all three the victory earned Light and the Basil.

Кто одержал победу в шоу "Эксы" с Педаном: "Они зашли очень далеко"

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I’m glad we are together with the Light. We smile at each other, enjoy life and plan s hatia. Earlier Svetlana were found a hundred and one reason not to move in with me – she Wallpaper is not liked, then something else… Now she agreed, and it’s very cool, “- said the winner of the show.

Кто одержал победу в шоу "Эксы" с Педаном: "Они зашли очень далеко"

At first it was very hard, and I wanted to go home. But when we started to establish relationships, I have opened a second wind. It is difficult to determine what the test or advice was most effective was helped!” – said Svetlana.

Recall the causes of constant conflict Vasily considered impulsive character of Svetlana. But in the course of the project it turned out that the guy made a mistake in the relationship. For nine weeks the pair twice been on the verge of relegation, but a strong desire to work on a couple of led them first to the final and then to victory.

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