Why charge your phone at the airport is risky business

Почему заряжать телефон в аэропорту — рискованное дело

Почему заряжать телефон в аэропорту — рискованное дело

Why charge your phone at the airport is risky business

Cybercriminals are embracing a new way of cheating.

May 24, 2019 10:59

Experts of the company IBM Security discovered a new way to steal data from mobile devices. At risk – travelers who use public USB ports to charge; most of these stations can be found in airports. As it turned out, hackers is not difficult to modify these ports so that when you connect the cable to the device was pumped malicious software (ON). It is capable of stealing your personal data – including banking information.

According to experts in the field of security, in 2019 the transport industry became of a sudden one of the highest priority: it follows immediately after financial institutions. Meanwhile, in 2017, it would play only the tenth place.

“Travelers are always vulnerable. Hundreds of years ago they were attacked by pirates, and these days theft occurs on the digital level,” Caleb Barlow (Caleb Barlow) from IBM Security.

Experts have discovered an even easier way of fraud: in some cases, hackers do not even disassemble the entire charging station and just put your cable. A person sees a suitable cable to their device, and puts it on charge. Meanwhile, in the “hacker” cable installed the chip, bringing the phone ON the computer.

To avoid this danger is very simple: it is sufficient to carry with them their charge, connected to a conventional electrical outlet. However, they are not often found in airports, so the position will save the portable battery. And if you want to use public charging stations should insure yourself by buying a special protective “key”adapter between the cord and the station: it passes only voltage, inhibiting the transmission of data.

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