Why dark matter doesn’t kill people: scientists have found an explanation

The researchers conducted a thought experiment that destroyed one of the theories of the existence of dark matter

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Почему темная материя не убивает людей: ученые нашли объяснение

In theory, dark matter particles would kill people on a daily basis, but this is not happening

Despite the ongoing cosmic collision of galaxies, the impact of dark matter no one “died”. Physics in his new theoretical work has tried to explain why the mysterious dark matter is not deadly to humans, or at least he is not under the influence.

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Astronomers and physicists have long found that most of the mass of the Universe was hidden. This was proven by observing the motion of galaxies that may distort distant light more than expected. So been speculation about the existence of some dark matter that does not interact with ordinary matter.

The fact that we live on Earth, can give some idea about what is not dark matter. In new theoretical work, the researchers say that the human body itself can serve as a detector of dark matter.

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Now there are many candidates for dark matter, most of which have something in common: they interact with matter solely gravity, but no effect with other physical forces such as electromagnetism. This means that instead of the term “dark”, it is better to present as “invisible” or “transparent”.

Scientists have spent a lot of time and effort on the creation of detectors to find the elusive dark matter. Most of the experiments work on the same scheme: to build an incredibly sensitive sensor, to protect it from any potential sources that can cause false positives and wait. Such “trap” is not yet worked.

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Recently scientists Jagjit Singh Sidhu and Glenn Starkman of the University of Case Western Reserve, and Robert George. Scherrer from Vanderbilt University examined another class of particles, which in theory are very large – wimpy. But here’s the thing: if such a particle existed, then people around the world constantly would have recorded unexplained gunshot wounds. But in reality this is not happening. So one of the theories explaining dark matter as consisting of vimov, is simply wrong. The results of theoretical studies have been published on the arXiv online scientific.

“The article was exciting, because it’s an example of how to do a thought experiment and get a result, even zero. A similar study illustrate one of the many problems facing theoretical physicists. They have to connect their imagination to understand how to solve problems like finding and explaining dark matter,” he told Gizmodo in an email.

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In fact, the article is merely a thought experiment using a well-known theory, mathematical calculations, making it necessary to carry out costly experiments. Moreover, such experiments prove to be effective, which saves resources.

Wimp is a hypothetical weakly interacting massive particle. These particles are candidates for the role of the main component of cold dark matter, but they are very difficult to detect experimentally. Massa winow needs to be at least several tens of times the mass of the proton. It is assumed that of the four fundamental interactions wimpy participate only in weak and gravitational.

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It should be noted that this is not the first time that scientists consider the influence of dark matter on the human body. In 2012, Katherine Freese from the University of Michigan and Christopher savage from the Northern Institute of theoretical physicists have considered the possibility of adverse effects winow on people, and it was found that they are not, or at least influence the person as neutrinos.

We will remind that earlier the mysterious object hit our galaxy, scientists said that it was. And recently, dark matter helped to see a rare event in the Universe.

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