Why deprive yourself of 1.3 million tests?

Why deprive yourself of 1.3 million tests?

We learn that Quebec has 1.3 million rapid tests lying dormant in warehouses, without being used? In fact, Quebec would have used less than 10,000 of these tests. You read correctly.

We wonder about this decision. The Liberal Party and the Parti Québécois have also called on the government to this effect, and with good reason!

A new shipment of 1.1 million tests is on its way. So it will be 2.4 million unused tests if the government maintains its position.

The same song as for the uselessness of the mask

Why are the health authorities in Quebec depriving us of this detection tool approved by Health Canada? The responses of the Prime Minister and his Minister of Health were not convincing on Monday.

These tests are no less reliable; they detect contagious patients, and it is exactly these that we must identify in order to quarantine them as quickly as possible.

It sounds like the same song as the one about the uselessness of the mask that Horacio Arruda had been holding for months, when it was obvious that a mask could offer protection against COVID-19.

Useful in schools, factories, for the homeless

The tests could be very useful in schools. Could they be used massively to quickly exclude positive children, teachers and staff?

Could this also be useful in certain factories and businesses where there are outbreaks? For the homeless? I am sure that public health experts could find them useful; as in Ontario, Germany …

One thing is certain, adding these tests certainly cannot hurt.

Obviously, the decision to continue with the current health measures would be maintained, in particular the wearing of a mask and the distancing measures, but if we can remove infected people from these mass environments, it seems to me that we do not have the leisure to do without!

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