Why do proboscis monkeys have such a big nose?

Зачем носачам такой большой нос?

Зачем носачам такой большой нос?

Зачем носачам такой большой нос?

Why do proboscis monkeys have such a big nose?

Unlike people, monkeys bornaccin endangered species Nasalis larvatus is very important the size of the nose. They have so: the bigger the nose the better!


Nosey (lat. Nasalis larvatus) is a family of martikovich. These primates are endemic to coastal areas of Borneo and almost the largest among monkeys of Asia: the largest are equal only Tibetan macaques and langurs. Males proboscis monkeys can reach a length of 77 cm with a weight of 22 kg, and their thick nose grows to 10 cm down below the mouth. In females, the nose smaller, but also the size exceeds the same indicator of other monkeys.

The proboscis monkeys are born with a normal nose; he becomes a giant to the onset of sexual maturity in approximately seven years. In this regard, scientists assumed that the body plays a role in marital relationships of primates. Recently, this version could be confirmed.

Vyyasnili that long-nosed males are larger than those with smaller noses. And long-nosed, larger testes (up to 3 cm in width) that produce more sperm and increase the chances of having offspring – in these proboscis monkeys often have a harem.

Dr. Ikki Matsuda, a primatologist from the University of Chubu, together with his colleagues watched the wild bornasco proboscis monkeys at Kinabatangan river. Experts were caught females to weigh them, to measure noses and testes. But in 2014, scientists went even further: they recorded the cries of the male proboscis monkeys living in captivity. The study showed that massive noses change the frequency of the shout, and the voice becomes clear that screams big nosey. So, even females that are far away from the screaming male, I can understand how attractive he is. It is now clear why the proboscis monkeys big noses!

In addition to the size of the nose, scientists have measured the body weight and volume of the testes, and in all cases has been found a direct correlation: the bigger the nose, the more both other option. Thus, powerful and loudly proclaims itself the male is on a higher rung of the social ladder: its strength deters competitors, and he produces healthier offspring.

Since the beginning of 1970-ies the population of proboscis monkeys has declined by more than half due to the reduction in the forest area available for habitat.

Evolutionary mechanisms underlying the emergence of a large nose is not yet fully understood. Obviously, in a dense forest to consider the size of the nose from a distance is not possible, and a role is played by the sound level. But whether developed an impressive body for attracting females scream, or the cause the goal was to scare the other males, is not yet established. And in a world of cockroaches, on the contrary, size does not matter.


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