“Why do we beasts,” Ukrainian stars call to abandon home fuzzies, video

"Зачем нам животные": украинские звезды призывают отказаться от домашних пушистиков, видео

Alyona Alyona, photos Instagram

today, 22:44

Recently in the U.S. zoologists began to encourage the local population to “opt out” of purebred Pets and “adopt” those who are already old and do not have a breed. Therefore, it is not spared this treatment and the Ukrainian celebrities who also chose to emphasize that four-legged mongrel, too, are beautiful and true “friends”.

Therefore, if Instagram to enter the hashtags #seniordog or #seniordogsrock, you can see many different photos of the stars with the animals.

So, among them was repercu Alyona Alyona.

“We sometimes difficult not to pay attention to fashion. Unfortunately, such “trends” relate to animals and Pets.”, – she signed published the.

Sabi breed: DOG MA for UAnimals

Sabi on the breed!
Repercu Alyona Alyona, Alina Pash spacci, STACK TA INSHI Ukrainian zirki analisa have a social Reclam about adopte bezpridelinik tvarin. Roller DOG MA for UAnimals of policany of sumati stereotype about wailist parody th umove “beautiful”.
“We nkoli vaiko not swaati fashion. Unfortunately, tak “trendy” stasytis I Domashni tvarin. After targowego blockbuster for h participation, vdbase of vybuh popito on the Chi Hu breed.” – kazhe regisery video Tasya Pleshivtseva scho znala roller together with DOP Angel Angelov – “All niccas in Kultur vdbase on vulitsi. I best GP-Ho — TSE love. Yakscho ti Ljubisa Voicu, viberi sobi friend there!”
Porirua video, take besporochno tvarina that #tabinoyado!
DOG MA for UAnimals
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Geplaatst door UAnimals op Woensdag 11 december 2019

Related picture with call was published and the singer Anastasia Shevchenko, which people has the nickname of “Stas”

“Let’s be honest with ourselves in why we animal. If the person is not looking for a toy with the specified parameters, and friend and roommate, with whom you want to warm up to each other and to have fun in plenty — his animal is waiting at the shelter.” — says the star.

"Зачем нам животные": украинские звезды призывают отказаться от домашних пушистиков, видео

Anastasia Shevchenko, photos Instagram

In addition, among the photographs you will notice another singer – Alina Pash.

“Why take a pet from a shelter? To share with him/her a home and love. Sharing — such a beautiful thing, it is without a doubt treats both sides.” — commented his position Alina Pash.

"Зачем нам животные": украинские звезды призывают отказаться от домашних пушистиков, видео

Alina Pash, photos Instagram

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