Why “Double” with will Smith to look out for: exclusive commentary of the film

In the film will be released from the 10th of October

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Почему "Двойник" с Уиллом Смитом нужно посмотреть: эксклюзивные комментарии создателей фильма

“The double”

The film “the Double” – an exciting large-scale action and a masterwork. The filmmakers claim that they were able to show the personification of everything that viewers love so much in action movies, and sure to give everyone a unique theatrical experience.

Why will Smith said that he would not go into politics:

“Double” is not just a good movie, it’s a whole new world and innovative approach to filmmaking. In it we see two of Willa Smith, a 51 – year old contract killer Henry Brogan and his twin 23 – year-old Junior. Junior is a fully digital copy of the adult hero of Smith, is made so delicately that no one will have the slightest doubts about his realness and age. The double – challenge of everything you ever saw,” commented Director Yong Lee.

Почему "Двойник" с Уиллом Смитом нужно посмотреть: эксклюзивные комментарии создателей фильма

“The double”

This idea turned into reality thanks to the producers Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison: “I am very proud of this film, Yeung Lee, and the entire team that worked so long over the tape. Thanks to their skill and the latest technology, we have managed to create an incredible movie that you should see to make sure in our words,” commented David Ellison. Jerry Bruckheimer, in turn, described the tape more succinctly: “This is the biggest premiere of the year from the outstanding Director in a duet with the best actor.”

The film coped with the task perfectly well: thanks to a gripping and original plot that the audience got the unique opportunity to feel part of a large-scale film: “the Idea behind the ribbon is fantastic. You begin to pursue their own clone, which, after all, still younger than you,” said Bruckheimer.

In the story, a 51-year-old Henry (will Smith) pursues a killer. But who is he? Them is 23-year-old Junior, whose role is also performed by will Smith. And it’s not just a computer rejuvenation, Junior all-digital people, a mirror of the adult Henry, which interacts and fights with an adult version of myself.

Почему "Двойник" с Уиллом Смитом нужно посмотреть: эксклюзивные комментарии создателей фильма

Will Smith

“Everything that we created on the set – unique,” – shared his impressions of will Smith. “When I showed the first footage of how I might look in the movie, I could not believe my eyes, because it was really me! Despite the 23-year-old version of myself, I thought someone took my life. “Double” is a true cinematic breakthrough, and used during filming of the technology will permanently change the approach to the shooting process in the future.”

The idea of cloning is key to the tape, in fact it enhances the story and gives this uniqueness. Experienced contract killer Henry Brogan, who decides to retire, becomes a target for former boss. Now the hero hunts his own clone – 23-year-old killer, who at any cost want to kill Henry. Henry and Junior waiting for one of the most epic confrontations that moved them to picturesque corners of the world: Budapest, Cartagena and the town of Savannah, Georgia. Dangerous chases and deadly collisions will impress viewers with its performance.

Почему "Двойник" с Уиллом Смитом нужно посмотреть: эксклюзивные комментарии создателей фильма

“The double”

However, despite the huge experience of filming in action movies, a role in the new film was a real challenge for will Smith. The actor admitted that he never would be able to translate your performance on the screen, since I didn’t have the right experience. On the shoulders will lay a dual responsibility, and that it was required of him by the filmmakers.

“Work on the film was incredibly difficult,” said digital effects supervisor guy Williams. “We deliberately chose this course, because I realized – the only way to achieve the desired result. We wanted to avoid sharp corners and to cut back on freedom frame to ease the visual effects. We were giving one hundred percent to the audience really believed that the screen they see two completely identical characters”.

Will Smith was cast in both emotional and technical challenges, because the Director insisted on shooting the maximum frame rate of 120 per second in 3D format with the extension 4K! “Double” is like a magician who performs tricks without smoke and mirrors. You feel like you’re standing in the middle of the stage and you have nothing to hide,” said will Smith.

Почему "Двойник" с Уиллом Смитом нужно посмотреть: эксклюзивные комментарии создателей фильма

“The double”

The filmmakers said that the creation of a digital clone was for them a difficult task. Everyone knows will Smith, his manners, gestures. That is why you can plausible to portray him. However, only the audience will be able to render its verdict: was able to implement this plan. According to the technical supervisor Ben Gervais, viewers are in for an incredible experience that they will survive for the first time while watching a Thriller.

“Yong Li tried to convey to the audience the entire spectrum of the latest technologies, which were filmed painting “the Double”. First and foremost, is a sense of immersion and presence in the frame. Moreover, during the shooting of the film was used the technology of high frequency of change of frames, giving the film “smoothness” of the movement. As you immersed in everything that happens around. You’re there along with the characters in the thick of things,” added Gervais.

Почему "Двойник" с Уиллом Смитом нужно посмотреть: эксклюзивные комментарии создателей фильма

“The double”

From the actors, the shooting process demanded less effort. They had to learn to play in new ways. Sitting in a special theater on the set, they kept track of all the test frames to better understand the complexity and newness of the format. And it was fantastic! The actors even had to abandon the usual makeup, because the detail of the frame are so impressive that now the viewer can see even the blood vessels on their face.

“I was delighted, because I managed to join a really special project. For me it’s a new experience,” said Mary Elizabeth Winstead. “Usually things are different: you applied a thick layer of makeup and you start to work. But this time it wasn’t we tried to be as realistic as possible. If the main condition was: “there are no barriers between the viewer and the actor.” Frankly, I did not mind to spend less time on makeup.”

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“In this film I put all I’ve learned over the years. I was inspired by the previous experience of filming such films as “Life of PI”, “Brokeback mountain”, “Crouching tiger, hidden dragon”. It is through these tapes I was able to implement a “twin”. And the ability to shoot more than a hundred frames per second – that’s where you feel truly free,” admitted Yong Lee.

“I can’t believe when we’re done shooting, I see a 23-year-old! It’s incredible, I starred in the movie with the younger version of himself,” added Smith.

The fantastic action “the Double” opens in theaters on October 10.

Recall that the actor will Smith will play a major role in the sci-Fi project “Genius”.

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