Why I don’t like the United States

Pourquoi je n’aime plus les États-Unis

I have long loved the United States. I was grateful for.

With Sardou, I fredonnais If the Yanks were not there, reminding me that the Americans, in the Twentieth century, defended the cause of freedom. First against nazism, then against communism, in other words, against totalitarianism, Americans had defended the spirit of our civilization.

I imagined the “Boys” landed on 6 June 1944 in Normandy and getting to mow down by the German machine guns, to deliver the Europe of the boot hitler. I thought of the commitment of the Americans, during the cold War, to prevent the USSR to be waged on western Europe.

Before all this, I was grateful.


And I don’t deny anything. But over the years, I wondered if my old gratitude prevented me not to see what become the United States, and how they weigh negatively on the state of the world today.

It suffices to mention the Iraq war in 2003 to be convinced. The United States is engaged in a crusade in the name of democracy, which has destabilized the Middle East for over a decade. We could also talk about their role in Libya in 2011, which is not without link with the tsunami of the population, which has hit Europe since.

By taking the policeman of the world, in the name of a design of very questionable democracy, which does not take into account the diversity of civilizations, the United States contributed to the chaos of the world.

A point of view inside, the american empire is teetering. It is divided by racial tensions are extreme. It is plagued by the spirit of the civil war and sees the killings multiply. It is unable to establish a social security system significant. That dream really today to be inspired by the american model ?

And yet, it influences us. There are today, more than ever, a cultural imperialism of the us. It comes from the campuses and universities become mad that we export their delusions of ideological, among which the cult of the race that pushes our companies to the regression of ethnic.

It is worn by the hollywood system, which spreads across his imagination, and which homogenizes the cultural universe of the planet. There is there not something immensely sad to know that the planet is criss-crossed by the Mcdonald’s and other Starbucks, as if anywhere, should impose the same tastes and the same flavors ?


The United States imposed throughout the world a conception of life based on the worship of consumption and bling-bling flashy.

I do not forget the american genius. I do not forget its scientific and technological progress, exceptional. I have not forgotten the kindness of the american people.

But the bad part of the empire is in the process of the swallow. Yet, it is a hypnotic yet at the point we dominate mentally.

It would be nice to stop the current u.s. ours. Our vocation is not to become the 51st State vaguely bilingual of an empire decadent.

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