Why is Meghan Markle called himself a Princess in the birth certificate of the son

The experts explained that it is a long tradition and Megan did not break anything

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Почему Меган Маркл назвала себя принцессой в свидетельстве о рождении сына

Meghan Markle

Recently it became known, where it held the birth of the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Attentive netizens and journalists drew attention to the fact that svidetelstvo about the birth of baby Megan is listed as “Princess of the United Kingdom”.

According to E! News, this is the first time Meghan Markle publicly called a Princess and in an official document. Of course, the media and British experts of the Royal rules, decided to ask why the Duchess of Sussex suddenly changed his title.

Historians say that this tradition started in 1923. Then lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married Prince albert, and immediately became a Princess.

“The Duke and Duchess of York later became known as king George VI and Queen Elizabeth, parents of Queen Elizabeth II. The press of the time were interested in the status of the new Duchess of York. Personal Secretary to the king published a Declaration, which stated that as a General rule, the wife takes the status of her husband, lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon after her marriage has become Her Royal Highness the Duchess of York with Princess status,” – said the historian Marlene Koenig.

Почему Меган Маркл назвала себя принцессой в свидетельстве о рождении сына

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son

Also the specialist said that to specify such a title is a kind of tradition and Meghan Markle did not violate the Protocol, but, as Kate Middleton borrowed the birth certificate of the son the title of her husband.

“Harry is a Prince, so his wife is a Princess. In the United Kingdom, the wife adopts the husband’s title, unless its title is not higher,” – said Marler Koenig.

Recall, the Dukes of Sussex showed the baby a few days after the birth and announced his name was Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor. Moreover, Prince Harry admitted that he was “cannot imagine life” without his son Archie, but admitted that the baby was keeping him awake at night.

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