Why Kylian Mbappé still demands almost 100 million euros from PSG after leaving for Real Madrid ?

Why Kylian Mbappé still demands almost 100 million euros from PSG after leaving for Real Madrid ?

Mbappé réclame encore une centaine de millions d’euros à son futur ex-club. MAXPPP – Cedric JACQUOT

Kylian Mbappé a formellement demandé au Paris SG de lui payer des salaires et primes impayés, ont indiqué vendredi des sources proches du dossier à l’AFP, confirmant une information de L’Equipe.

The striker recently sent a letter to the capital club asking them to settle the bill, a letter which was also notified to the Professional Football League (LFP). The legal commission of the LFP has not yet been contacted, as the two parties are still in a negotiation phase.

PSG, which had to resolve to see its superstar striker leave for Real Madrid this summer, after a standoff last summer, did not pay him the salaries of April and May as well as bonuses, according to a source close to the matter. The total, according to L’Equipe, is around 100 million euros.

Mbappé not warned ?

In April, a source close to the matter explained to AFP, the non-payment of Mbappé's salary was linked to the agreement concluded in the summer of 2023 between the player and the club, under the terms of which the attacker agreed to waive part of his bonuses.

But the version put forward by another source involved in the negotiations was different: this decision would have been taken on the initiative of the club but without having informed the scorer. A total of around 80 million euros – by adding salaries and bonuses – was then mentioned.

These tensions reappear even though the two parties had indicated at the beginning of the year that the two parties had reached agreement on the subject. Both camps had specified that the striker, who was still contractually linked to PSG until June 30, had waived part of his bonuses in an agreement made with the club last summer after being sidelined from the team for a month.

A bonus finally paid to Mbappé in February

These bonuses were then around 60 to 70 million euros, according to a source close to the club, financially covering the club for the departure of the French star, at the end of his contract in June and free to commit wherever he wishes without transfer compensation.

But ultimately, the club paid this bonus in February to Mbappé, according to one of the sources close to the negotiations at AFP, without specifying the reasons for this change.

By signing his contract extension in 2022, Mbappé secured a salary of 72 million euros gross annually, a signing bonus of 150 million euros, payable in three installments, and a loyalty bonus of increasing amount (70 million euros gross in the first year, 80 million the second and 90 million in the event of lifting of the option for a third season), according to Le Parisien.

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