Why Orthodox and Catholics celebrate Easter on different days

Find out why Easter is celebrated at different times and what determines date of Easter

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Почему православные и католики празднуют Пасху в разные дни

Why Easter is celebrated at different times

Today, April 21, Western Christians celebrated a joyful feast – the Catholic Easter.

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Easter, which is called as Easter Sunday is the main challenge feast in the Church calendar as the Orthodox and Catholics.

This date every year falls on different days, determined by its binding to a complex solar-lunar calendar. In addition, Easter is celebrated at different times Orthodox and Catholics. And the reason also lies in the features of the chronology of these churches.

The crucifixion and then the Resurrection of Jesus Christ had those days, when the Jews celebrated Passover – the remembrance of the Exodus from Egypt. The Jewish feast of Passover in the Hebrew calendar always falls on the days from 14 to 21 Nisan. The 14th of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar is the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

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During the earthly life of Christ, the vernal equinox always falls on March 21 of the Julian calendar. But because the Jewish feast of the Passover in the system of calculation according to the Julian calendar was a challenge, because it falls on the first full moon after March 21. And now, the Christian Passover was celebrated on the first Sunday after that day.

In case of coincidence of the dates of March 21 with the full moon and the Sunday of Easter of the Christians was postponed for a week, March 28. The chronology of Bible events requires that the Resurrection of Christ was celebrated on the first day of the Jewish Passover.

Thus, Orthodox Easter in different years can fall on any day from March 22 to April 25, old style, i.e. Julian calendar, which still continues to lead the chronology of the Orthodox Church. And since the XX century – in the period from April 4 to may 8 inclusive according to the new style, i.e. Gregorian calendar.

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At the same time, the Roman Catholic Church and most Protestant denominations calculates Easter based on the date of the vernal equinox on March 21, but only according to the Gregorian calendar, i.e. a new style. Due to this date the celebration of Easter can vary markedly from such calculations in Orthodoxy. And only in rare cases Easter Catholics and Orthodox the same date.

Easter 2019 Catholic and Orthodox do not coincides and is celebrated on different days, because these churches produce the calendar in different calendars: Orthodox Christians according to the Julian calendar and the Catholics – according to the Gregorian 2019 Catholic Easter is celebrated a week earlier than Orthodox on 21 April.

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