Why so much anti-Americanism?

Why so much anti-Americanism?


In the West, we have never refrained from spitting on the United States and its imperialist policy. However, anti-American critics have always exercised selective restraint when it comes to denouncing the former USSR, today's Russia and all the dictatorships that have been established in a large number of countries in the world.

Nowadays, China under the leadership of Xi Jinping spreads its tentacles in a growing number of countries. The Chinese head of state, who has just obtained a third five-year term, a formality since he granted himself the possibility of occupying his post until his death, has become the most powerful Chinese leader , more so than Mao Tse-tung was in his time.

The effects of this power have been seen in Chinese interference in elections in the United States and Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau was clearly destabilized. Our intelligence services have information that would suggest that the PLC was exploited during the last elections by Chinese police officers present on Canadian territory.

As for Vladimir Putin, whose ever-increasing delirium pushes him towards the annihilation of the Ukrainian people, he has managed to retain support among unconditional anti-Americans. They live warmly and do not run any risk by criticizing NATO and the United States, because they are protected by freedom of expression, a privilege that neither China nor Russia grants to their own inhabitants.

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< strong>Authoritarianism

Europe is wounded and its unity is faltering. Some countries like Hungary and Poland are ruled by authoritarian personalities. As for France, it somehow oscillates between the extreme left of Mélenchon and the extreme right of Marine Le Pen. Meanwhile, in Mexico and South America, democracy is making little progress.

Who can predict the future of our more or less faltering democracies, but which have managed to maintain a vision non-authoritarian politics?

Current anti-Americanism is a weapon in the service of the destructive forces discovered in the attack on the Capitol. All democracies need support. Who wants to end up under the boot of China and its allies? Who wishes Putin's victory in Ukraine?

Without NATO and the exceptional American contribution to Ukraine, the last democratic bulwark in the region risks disappearing, giving victory once again to a dictatorship .

Why so much anti-Americanism?< /p>