Why the captain decided to declassify the relationship with Nastya Kamenskih details of their personal lives

Ukrainian rapper spoke about life with his wife

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Почему Потап решил рассекретить отношения с Настей Каменских: подробности их личной жизни

Nastya Kamensky and Potap

Famous Ukrainian singer and producer Potap, who recently presented their new album MISHA, openly spoke about his personal life with new wife – the singer Nastya Kamenskih. Also the showman admitted, why long concealed from the public relationship with a celebrity sweetheart.

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During an interview in the “Glory” Alexey Potapenko said that he was tired of hiding your relationship with the singer and they decided to get married.

“I am very tired to be discreet. To hide the relationship — it’s not nice to the woman and to himself. So the moment came when it was already very sad and we decided to do the wedding,” says the artist.

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According to Potap, Nastya is not always easy and they try not to dwell on the life. To all, the Ukrainian star is not forget about the role of the house wife – cooking and cleaning: “She’s a International superstar and she lives at home with me. Cooks for me and cleans. It is a couple of years of “adjusted” me because I was walking much. Need to brush up on their relationship. Need to refresh your life, so that life was not life… Sometimes you can let your spouse, even if you Puritan ideologies, to allow you to cook pasta al dente in the same apron.”

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