Why the great success télé québec, they are not aired on CBC ?

Pourquoi les grands succès télé québécois ne sont-ils pas diffusés à CBC ?

Memory, for the last fifteen years, none of the great success of tv in Quebec is broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) ; even if these successes were products of the Société Radio-Canada (SRC). While the opposite is true…

Approximation and distancing

Although the law does not oblige, the SRC is part of the constance with the dissemination of the great success of tv series English dubbed in French. Think of The little Mosque on the prairie, to Anne… of green gables, etc

No objective reasons to deplore this practice, as the CBC does not deprive his audience of content quebecers and francophones authentic.

Not required, moreover, ms. Jennifer Stewart, then director of acquisitions and development at the CBC, to acquire and broadcast on the public channel in English, for years, a program highlighting the best tv series French Canada, subtitled or dubbed in English.

After his departure, there was a fifteen years, this programme has been thrown to the nettles.

The CBC and the CBC are, however, two branches of the same company funded by our public money. So, why one side is attempting what I can only describe as discovery and reconciliation, cultural, and the other, the cover and the distancing ?

Why this difference in paradigms ? Why what goes one way will not in the other ?

Who benefits from the “crime” ?

Who in Toronto has an interest in the English-speaking public did not discover the great success of the quebec television ?

I dare not even tackle the big success of VAT… let us Limit ourselves to only the great success of the SRC.

Except The “moron” that was probably the case of the CBC, having regard to the caricatured image, or even reductive of the Québécois, which was conveyed, why the CBC does it have deprived of its English-speaking public, in particular of 19-2, from District 31 or Unit 9 , which had an average of nearly 2 000 000 of ratings by evening in Quebec ?

Recurring france-bashing systemic ?

This is the same CBC who had offered us the famous series on the pseudo-history of Canada : The Story of Us.

A series that was dutifully a point of view very simplistic on the French presence in Canada.

It would be relevant to ask if the CBC embodies the close of the francophone culture. This is not without reminding us also of the difficulties the Franco-Ontarians in other spheres in terms of services : sports, health, education, culture, etc

If it is ” the rule “, it should be stated clearly. The anglophones are in the majority.

They have nothing to lose. Francophones are not going to constantly pretend that everything is for the best.

We must never lose sight of the fragility of our cultural and linguistic minority in Canada and North America.

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