Why we continue to watch the tv movies Christmas in spite of the clichés and scenarios rotten ?

Pourquoi on continue de regarder les téléfilms de Noël malgré les clichés et les scénari pourris ?

The Christmas movies : why you keep watching them despite the clichés and scenarios rotten ?

Stories cliché, the acting not terrible, outcome ran ahead… The tv movies of Christmas are not really masterpieces of the seventh art, And yet, they are always much appreciated and remain to be our little guilty pleasure in the festive season of the end of the year. But why continue to watch ?

The Christmas movies VS tv movies of Christmas

The Grinch, Mom, I missed the plane, Love Actually, The race to the toy, The Holiday, Father Christmas is a junk… The Christmas movies successful are many, whether on a green giant who is terrorizing the Cabbage that live in a snowflake (no, it was not smoked) a small boy abandoned by his parents on the evening of December 24 (it is said that it was to not spend their salary in the gift of Christmas) or even the English prime minister who falls in love of his secretary (and not the version Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky).

The casting is also something. Yes, the stars the most famous have participated in Christmas movies such as Hugh Grant, Cameron Diaz, Jim Carrey or Arnold Schwarzenegger. You may even be able soon to admire Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys from Game of Thrones in Last Christmas (November 27, 2019 at the cinema). But the tv movies, Christmas, them, however, are far from being masterpieces of the seventh art.

The american channel Hallmark has made it his Madeleine de Proust, and Netflix released a telefilm Christmas unpublished per week since November 1, 2019. The problem is that they are often turnips, contrary to the long-film cults cited above.

Storyline is not terrible, acting through…

The problem of the tv movies Christmas who spend all day on TF1, M6 and TNT channels ? The scenario is never top. Worse, we know already how it will happen and how it will finish. Because how to say, the synopsis of their departure, are accrued in advance. A young single woman must find a husband before the 25th of December and will fall in love with this fake husband unbearable that she takes in her family. A young woman falls in love with a young man without knowing that he is a prince and will enjoy the authenticity of the latter and therefore also end in love. A young woman leaves New York city (or any large city) for his campaign home. There, his heart will fall in love one of whom she thought she would never love him. In short, it is a little like Martine, they are declined in all the sauces but it’s always the same mechanisms that are used.

Has this lack of originality in the story and the happy ending that one expects all knowing with which character the heroine is going to end as soon as their first scene together, adds scenes gnangan. Far from the funny sequences, offset or really emotional Christmas movies, those tv movies of Christmas are so sugarcoated that they give the sheaf. For example, we think of the combo, flower bouquet, chocolates in the shape of a heart, music of a marshmallow and dream setting for a marriage proposal. In fact, it becomes ridiculous because it is always too much.

The other big worry : the lack of realism. There is always at least one of the two heroes, which is farted of money to the point of living in a loft with a view of the snow-capped mountains or in a castle with the staff. The protagonists are so far away from “normal” people (in other words, the majority of the people of the middle class) that they are cut off from reality. Dresses gala, diamond jewelry, travel to the other side of the world… If they were earning a MINIMUM wage, they would not be living the same life. So yeah it is a dream, but it seems light years from the real life and therefore we don’t believe in their story.

The actors and actresses are chosen for their physical but not necessarily for their acting. No Hugh Grant at the horizon, but rather of Vanessa Hudgens, Lacey Chabet (aka Gretchen in Lolita in spite of myself) or Bethany Joy Lenz and Hilarie Burton of Brothers Scott (Haley and Peyton). We have nothing against them, it’s just that this is not the same level as Julia Roberts. And with replicas corny praline (yes it still says when you are born before 1993) that the writers give them, they can’t do miracle.

Not to mention the close-ups on them when they have a revelation mode, the fires of love and the sad music that accompanies the heroines when they cry, or, on the contrary, the romantic music, as soon as there is an exchange of fuck. Everything is cliché on cliché. In short, the reasons not to love the tv movies of Christmas are many. And yet, we continue to the mater.

Why you keep watching them ?

They make us fall back in childhood

The tv movies of Christmas bring us back to our childhood, to our year-end holiday season, surrounded by our family. Christmas carols, good food, grandpa and grandma… One has the impression of going back in time ! They are regressive, a little picture of cartoons Disney. We know them by heart, but we watch it every year to reminisce about good memories and feel that they are still kids, even if it is supposed to be adults and have responsibilities. The bills and the problems the office we seem to be far away when you look at them, we just want to once again feel like children, as if we were Peter Pan and we had never grown up.

They reassure us

The telefilms Christmas end almost always with a happy end, as romantic comedies. This may annoy some, but, clearly, knowing that you will have a happy ending, puts us in joy. We know that no matter what happens over the scenes, a nasty mother-in-law, a colleague, a stamped or a break, all will be well in the best of all worlds. In contrast to the reality of life which is not always rosy, you can count on the Christmas movies to show us relationships idyllic and happy families story of us cheer. Even if it is cold outside, it is already night when he is 17h and that everything is going wrong in your life, the scenario also marshmallow that the sweets that you eat in front of your screen will do you good. And with a hot chocolate and a plaid, it is still better than a therapy !

They fill us with love

“Love, this is what there is more beautiful” sang Romeo and Juliet (or rather, Damien Sargue and Cecilia Cara) in the tube Love. Apart from the cynical (and yet, even they are human beings with feelings), everyone loves love. It falls well, the Christmas movies are filled with messages of love, so naturally, they bring us together and make us want to see them and review them. And they also remind us that the values and the family, this is the most important. These comedies we restore faith in ourselves and in humanity. In the end, we just want to say “I love you” to our brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents and gifts.

They are good for the health

If it gets as much tv movies of Christmas, it is also because they are good for your health according to Dr Jo Gee. Be confident to LADbible, the psychotherapist has assured that “studies show that oxytocin, our hormone of the hug’ is triggered when we watch movies, comfort food, and that this increase can even be measured in the blood. These hormones do make us not only feel good, but can also decrease stress and tension, bringing us to feel that we are in better health and strengthen immunity”. It is therefore scientifically proven, they are good for us. While the marathon of Christmas movies and television movies of Christmas begins !

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