Wi-Fi of the future will work on lasers

The researchers have already transferred a song with teragertsovogo “quantum cascade laser”

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Wi-Fi будущего будет работать по лазерам

Scientists have already developed a working prototype laser Wi-Fi router

Researchers from Harvard were the first who used a semiconductor laser as a wireless RF transmitter. The first transferred file was the song Volare Dean Martin.

In a paper published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences under the title “RF transmitter-based hybrid electronic-photonic devices”, explains how the engineers were able to use the laser for wireless modulation and transmission of microwaves and reception of radio frequency signals. This was achieved by using terahertz radiation, which is able to move data a hundred times faster than current wireless equipment.

Wi-Fi будущего будет работать по лазерам

The principle of information transmission using teragertsovogo “quantum cascade laser”

The breakthrough came thanks to research conducted in University laboratories in 2017. The team discovered that “a quantum cascade laser frequency combs” can also be used to encode, transmit and receive data.

Conventional lasers emit only one frequency. A laser frequency combs able to emit multiple frequencies, which are evenly spaced, resembling the teeth of a comb. Inside laser of different frequencies in the collision generate microwave radiation, which lies in our range of communication. Until 2018 their work was mainly theoretical. It became practical only after they figured out how to develop a device to transmit and receive information.

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To transmit microwave signals was developed antenna. Its researchers have received by making a gap in the upper electrode of the device. Then they modulated frequency comb to encode information about the microwave radiation. Next, microwaves with coded data emitted from the device using the created analogue of the dipole antenna. A radio signal is received horn antenna, is filtered and fed to the computer. The researchers also demonstrated that the equipment can receive signals.

The team was able to monitor remotely the behavior of the laser using microwave signals from another device. Despite the success, scientists say that before the advent of wireless communication in the terahertz range is still far, but their work has opened up new perspectives and pointed the way forward.

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