Widow Gaidai responded to the accusations of her husband of harassment

Вдова Гайдая ответила на обвинения мужа в домогательствах

The words of the actress Natalia Varley harassment by Leonid Gaidai, the widow of the Director said that the actress “climax”.

Soviet and Russian actress best known for roles in the film, the Wii and the Caucasian captive, Natalia Varley, accused, directed by Leonid Gaidai in the harassment. It is reported by Cosmopolitan with reference to a biography of Varley, Kanatohodka.

On the pages of the autobiography, the actress said that the Embassy tried to kiss her. It happened may of 1966 in the hotel room during the celebration of the birth of Alexander Demyanenko, by the role of Shurik in the Caucasian captive.

Varley was then 19 years old, and married to Nina Pectinate Leonid Gaidai – 43. According to the actress, the Director went to her room, where later looked and his wife. Varley said they say, and after his wife Gaidai tried to kiss the actress. She ran out of the room and locked it with a key.

Widow Gaidai actress Nina Grebeshkova commented on the accusation Varley on radio Moscow Says Friday, December 7.

The woman was very harsh in his statements. She said the words Varley called the “climax” and was advised to go to Gaidai, which for 25 years has died, and she’s not interested. Grebeshkova also noted that haven’t read Varley and advised journalists “not to dig in any shit.”

Previously with spacey and Siegel was acquitted of charges of harassment. The Prosecutor referred to the period of limitation for alleged crimes that occurred in the early 90-ies.

It was also reported that the model has exposed pervert with camera in his Shoe.

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