Widower Friske and Shepelev for the first time gave a Frank interview Sobchak: cocaine, sex with men and new fiancee

Вдовец Фриске Шепелев впервые дал откровенное интервью Собчак: кокаин, интим с мужчинами и новая избранница

today, 17:02

Controversial Russian TV host and socialite Ksenia Sobchak has been very active Instagram page. Recently, the celebrity has shared a brand new interview with the famous TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, the widower of singer Zhanna Friske, who died from cancer in 2015. So, Dmitry brings up their son Plato, and recently it started a new wave of rumors, as it became known about the Roman Shepelev with a new woman named Catherine. In an interview the celebrity admitted Xenia, if he had drugs, told about the education of his son and even first spoke about the new beloved.

To the question about how you can be so sweet, Dmitry responds quite funny. The presenter recognizes that Teens have tried cocaine and pot, but he didn’t like. The actor claims that he’s never had a Threesome or, for example, with a man. Also the celebrity talked about the new bride, admitting that Catherine works as a designer and architect. The couple introduced their children, who were in the same kindergarten. Dmitry admitted that the beloved have been together for three years and then started Dating just a year after the death of Jeanne. The celebrity also told about very difficult relations with the parents of his dead Friske, because, according to him, the father of the singer even threatened his life with a gun.

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Earlier “Znayu” he wrote that the husband Sobchak, made a serious confession about sexual orientation.

Also infant son Sobchak caught in the arms of a famous model.

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