Wife Garik Kharlamov Kristina Asmus buried: tombstone set in Moscow’s VDNKH

Жену Гарика Харламова Кристину Асмус "похоронили": надгробную плиту установили в московском ВДНХ

yesterday, 22:55

Famous Russian actress Kristina Asmus and wife of famous humorist Garik Kharlamov is going to sue those who used a photo of her on the tombstone. Star intends to obtain compensation for moral damage, reports “Interfax”.

Recall that recently the pavilion of the Moscow, the exhibition was an exhibition of funeral services “Necropolis”, which showed funeral supplies. Consequently, the visitors noticed on one of the tombstones photo actress Kristina Asmus.

After this, the celebrity decided to sue and has hired lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, who has already established involved in preparing the relevant documents.

Жену Гарика Харламова Кристину Асмус "похоронили": надгробную плиту установили в московском ВДНХ

“Currently installed all persons involved in the incident. We intend to pre-trial order to resolve this conflict situation. If a peaceful way to solve this problem will fail, it will file a lawsuit in court. At the moment we are working on the text of the claim about compensation of moral harm because of the actions of the company became a shock not only for Christina Asmus, but her loved ones,” said the lawyer.

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As pointed Kucherena, soon to be filed claim with the requirement to apologize to the actress and clarified the amount that the company is ready to offer as compensation for moral damage.

Recall, full video sex scenes with his wife Kharlamov merged into the network.

As reported Know. ua Asmus and Kharlamov first graced the cover of gloss with a small daughter.

Also Know As. ua wrote, which is very spicy video with his wife Kharlamov Asmus saw everything, shame can not be avoided.

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