Wife Kharlamov Asmus announced the “long awaited period,” now eat 18 times a day

Жена Харламова Асмус объявила о "долгожданном периоде", теперь ест по 18 раз в день

Kristina Asmus, instagram.com/asmuskristina/

today, 13:48

Popular Russian actress, wife of comedian Garik Kharlamov Kristina Asmus often pleases fans on the social network Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put up a stylish frame, identifying the blouse is beige and adding the image of the gentle daytime makeup. So, the actress admitted that she is now “fine long-awaited period,” after star babe asked to get better for the role in the film “Rolls” where she will play the Baker. Now, Christina is eating 18 times a day, very fatty, sweet and nutritious “junk” food.

“There could be advertising shampoo))) 🧴 But will antigony and antipathy text 🤪 🤦 🏼 ♀ app I now Have the most awesome and long-awaited period. No, not pregnancy 😂 Asked to get better for the role. I mean, 18-times the maximum undivided is oily, harmful and delicious food 😁🍕🧁 in Short, all the usual diet husband 😂 So, if you see thick storis, this is not a filter and not the second trimester, it is legal zhor 😂 Calories, I’m waiting for you! (awesome laugh )))))))”, – shared his joy Asmus. Followers not passed: “You just go back, please, to June😂😂😅”, “Scored 20kg for the role, but then I remembered that I’m not an actress 😂
About me😂”, “😂👍cool! The main thing then back roll back!”, “Let it be “grac”!)”, “Very happy for You!) To be constantly in restriction mode is extremely hard! Enjoy this time!👏”.

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Жена Харламова Асмус объявила о "долгожданном периоде", теперь ест по 18 раз в день

Жена Харламова Асмус объявила о "долгожданном периоде", теперь ест по 18 раз в день

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