Wife Kharlamov Asmus seduced men with no underwear: “in basic instinct”

Жена Харламова Асмус соблазнила мужчин отсутствием белья: "Как в Основном инстинкте"

Kristina Asmus, WMJ.ru

today, 21:27

Russian actress Christina Asmus has posted on his page in Instagram new photo in a rather revealing outfit.

Photo Asmus dressed in a light white dress without underwear. “Really? The new year is already two weeks? Time flies so fast? And my impression now high October,” wrote Asmus for the new photo.

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In comments to the actress there were a lot of compliments. Some users have compared Asmus Sharon, the heroine of the film “Basic instinct”. Others did not even know the actress in a new image.

We remind you that earlier Asmus said that when it comes to the theater, then after the show loves to give flowers to the actors as a sign of respect and compared it with a gift for his birthday.

Previously portal “Know.ia” talked about the fact that the scandalous Asmus won the heart of the famous Director.

The portal also “Know.ia” was informed that Asmus described how her husband brings her to madness.

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