Wife Komarova from the “World inside out” opened Ukrainian women the secret: “Eat and not get fat”

Жена Комарова из "Мира наизнанку" открыла украинкам главный секрет: "Есть и не толстеть"

Alexander Kucherenko, Instagram

yesterday, 20:31

Known Ukrainian TV presenter, winner of the title “Miss Ukraine 2016” and the wife of his colleagues Dmitry Komarov Alexander Kucherenko told how she manages to maintain excellent physical shape.

The presenter also said that could in the future share with her fans tips on keeping my body in shape, Kucherenko wrote on the personal page in social network Instagram.

For the body to remain fit, athletic, elastic, muscle – desired sport. With 5 years of daily training and tournaments on the weekend with ballroom-dance sport solved all the issues with my physical form. Lessons, plus stretching, swimming, horse riding. And when he suspended his professional dance career, to work on his body began to look for other sports areas, “- said in the message of the stars.

Жена Комарова из "Мира наизнанку" открыла украинкам главный секрет: "Есть и не толстеть"

Alexander Kucherenko, Jetsetter

According to the presenter, she tried different sports, but most of all she liked the classes with a trainer at the gym. Kucherenko was amazed at the result of the training and said that now can not imagine living without.

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The presenter also talked about his own food. The girl published the interesting from the gym – Kucherenko reflected in tights and a crop top, in one hand she holds the dumbbell and the other a hamburger.

Жена Комарова из "Мира наизнанку" открыла украинкам главный секрет: "Есть и не толстеть"

Alexander Kucherenko

“To eat and not get fat? The question becomes even more relevant during the winter holidays)) And the answer is obvious – without sport is not enough! I am often asked what I eat, sit on diets and how I support my figure to the network again and again had headlines like “showed his perfect body in a skimpy dress.As for my diet, everything is simple: monitor what you eat and in what quantity. Usually, my morning starts with glass of warm water, and then oatmeal or cottage cheese with fruit/berries for Breakfast, for lunch – vegetable salad plus fish or white meat, evening – very lightweight – most often kefir or yogurt. During the day snacks – fruit, nuts, dried fruits, coffee. In this mode, I feel balanced and healthy. And when you really want, not refuse cake or a Burger – because food is one of the pleasures of mankind, “- said TV presenter.

We will remind, Dmitry Komarov was almost “bankrupt” in Odessa.

Previously portal “Know.news Agency” reported that Dmitry Komarov with his wife openly spoke about children.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the Mosquitoes have confessed why I married Kucherenko.

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