Wife MONATIK showed the preparation for the concert: touching video

June 1 will be a Grand concert MONATIK

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Жена MONATIK показала подготовку к концерту: трогательное видео

MONATIK with his wife Irina Demicheva

June 1 will be a Grand concert MONATIK on NSK “Olympic” – LOVE IT the rhythm, and a few days before the show, the artist and his team are actively preparing for it preparing. And on the days the wife MONATIK Irina Demicheva showed how the preparation on a film set.

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So, Irina has shared a touching video in which their MONATIK little sons run to a rehearsal to his star father.

“The support group arrived in the rehearsal Pavilions! 6 days left and finally comes this long-awaited Day!”, – wrote Irina Demicheva.

Earlier we wrote that MONATIK unveiled the long-awaited album, LOVE IT the rhythm. This album is special for Dmitry, as it multiartist reveals the soul. This is a kind of ode to the love for his work and an example of what dedication will lead to success. By the way, the album also includes the song, recorded a duet with Nadia Dorofeeva, Nina Matvienko and Ukrainian rising star rap singer Alyona Alyona.

We will note, recently MONATIK was vacationing with his family in Italy and showed a funny photo.

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