Wife, mother, and brother Trudeau have been paid by WE Charity

Épouse, mère et frère Trudeau ont été payés par WE Charity

OTTAWA | the wife, the mother and the brother of the prime minister of canada received almost $ 285 000 $ to make a speech for WE Charity before this body to obtain a federal contract millionaire without tender.

The charity has confirmed to the Newspaper that the mother of Justin Trudeau, Margaret, was hit with $ 250,000 seal between 2016 and 2020 to a total of 28 appearances. Alexandre Trudeau, has received $ 32,000 for eight speeches in 2017 and 2018.

The family is involved, with Alexandre Trudeau (above), in a scandal.

Ambassador of WE and the host of a podcast for the charity, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau has been paid 1400 $ in 2012 for a single event.

Justin Trudeau has never touched a penny personally, pointed to the body. But the founders of WE Charity, Marc and Craig Kielburger, are donors to the liberal Party of Canada.

The prime minister is in hot water since his government has been granted, without tender, to a contract with a value of $ 19.5 million to WE Charity to manage and distribute $ 900 million in federal grants for the volunteer student.

Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire (in white), accompanied by their children and the mother of the prime minister, Margaret (right), during a ceremony in Ottawa in 2015.


Although the contract between the agency and the State had been cancelled last Friday, the case has triggered an investigation by the commissioner of conflict of interest and ethics.

This is the third time that Justin Trudeau is affected by this type of audit, a never-before-seen in the history of the country.

“The relatives of the prime minister are involved with various organizations, and support several personal causes, their own chief,” responded the office of the prime minister, without confirming the figures supplied by WE Charity.

“It is important to keep in mind here, is that it is a question of a charity which supports students “, insisted the office of Justin Trudeau.

We hold, however, that the politician admitted yesterday not to be removed from the discussions leading to the award of the contract a millionaire to WE Charity, in spite of the strong ties that bind his family to the organization.

Expedite the investigation

Considering these new revelations ” scandalous “, the conservative Party of Canada called on the ethics commissioner, the finance Committee and the operations Committee to expedite their investigations in this folder.

It also calls for an investigation by the auditor general and the procurement ombudsman.

“The Parliament shall immediately be convened so that we can shed light on this matter. All documents relating to the contract should be made public, ” said Michael Barrett, spokesman for conservative ethics.

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