Wife of Emmanuel Vitorgan was able to beat cancer

The wife of the actor hid the illness from family

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Жене Эммануила Виторгана удалось победить рак

The Family Of Emmanuel Vitorgan

Wife 79-year-old Russian actor Emmanuil Vitorgan, with whom he recently had a daughter, Frank told of one of the most difficult periods in my life. It turns out that 25 years ago, Irene was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Emmanuel Vitorgan first showed her child in public:

The wife of a famous actor had to hide the truth from family. And although it’s been 25 years Irina Mlodik still remembers this period with tears in his eyes.

“I was thinking about my family. I’m not easily frightened and are strong. This disease me even more tempered. I was scared for my parents, who could know. I’m from my mom hid. Five years do not tell. Dad I told you. When mom found out, was the horror in her eyes. I firmly told my mother: “you bury me? Five years have passed. Stop already. Yes, it was, but it went”, — said Irina Mlodik in the program “the Stars aligned”.

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According to star the couple, life before and after the disease is divided into two parts, “and you’re ambivalent about some elementary things.”

Жене Эммануила Виторгана удалось победить рак

Emmanuel Vitorgan and his wife Irina Mlodik

“Afraid so, there is nothing worse in life. Whoever it was, understand. Life before the illness and after divided into two halves. You start in a completely different way to think. Are you ambivalent about some basic things. Understand that there is no reason for quarreling with my friends and family. The main thing — to be healthy. The most important thing in this moment is not to lose heart and to believe. All because of the head. As I said my surgeon once: “I had the surgery, now it all depends on you”, — was told by Irina.

Also recently, Emmanuel Vitorgan, for the first time commented on the divorce and the wedding Ksenia Sobchak.

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