Wildfires in Australia : of Nabilla Pink, Selena Gomez or Nicole Kidman, the stars are mobilizing

Incendies en Australie : de Nabilla à Pink, Selena Gomez ou Nicole Kidman, les stars se mobilisent

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Wildfires in Australia : Pink, Nicole Kidman, Nabilla… the stars are mobilizing

Pink, Selena Gomez, Nicole Kidman, Nabilla Benattia… While fearsome fires that have burned nearly 6 million acres of vegetation, killed 24 people and decimated nearly half a billion animals, many stars have shown their support by sharing jackpots and have made donations to help the firefighters.

Only a few months after the terrible fires that have ravaged the Amazon in July last, today it is Australia who is a victim of dreadful fires since September. For almost four months, the flames have ravaged a large part of the country and continues to spread out of control. They have consumed nearly 6 million hectares of vegetation (two times the size of Belgium) and killed 24 people. Nearly half a billion animals would have been killed, according to a study from the university of Sydney. Among them, nearly 30 % of the koalas in the South of the country, but also kangaroos, leopards…

The stars are mobilized to fight the fires in Australia

In the Face of such a tragedy, the jackpots are multiplying to help the country and many stars have lent their support and their financial support. Among them, Pink, that is said to be “utterly devastated,” has made a promise of donation to the tune of 500,000 us dollars “to local firefighters who are fighting so hard on the front lines”, or even Nicole Kidman, australian-born. “The support, thoughts and prayers of our family and accompany all those who are affected by the fires across Australia”, she wrote on Instagram, before announcing “We give 500,000 dollars to fire services that are and all give a lot at the moment“. Nabilla Benattia has also made a donation, as she announced on Twitter.

Pink, Nicole Kidman, Nabilla, Selena Gomez… devastated

Other stars such as Selena Gomez or Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina, the teenage witch) have shared several jackpots on their social networks and have invited their subscribers to make a donation. Dacre Montgomery (Billy Stranger Things), has launched a prize to GoFundMe on behalf of the australian Red Cross. For its part, the French President Emmanuel Macron announced Sunday, January 5, 2020 “operational assistance and immediate” of France “to fight fires, protect the population and preserve biodiversity”.

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