Will Smith – 51: TOP 5 best roles as an incomparable actor

The actor celebrates his 51st birthday

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Уиллу Смиту - 51: ТОП-5 лучших ролей несравненного актера

Will Smith

Hollywood’s “man in black” will Smith, who will play in the fantasy film “the Genius”, September 25, celebrates birthday. The star turns 51 years old.

Previously, will Smith stated that he would not go into politics:

“Today” decided to recall the most iconic role of will Smith in their traditional movies.

“Bad boys”, 1995

This Comedy Thriller in which will Smith starred alongside Martin Lawrence. The film has brought unprecedented fame to the actors and opened the way to a great movie. In the story, Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowry detectives Miami police. Lowry comes from a wealthy family and lives like a playboy, then as a few more senior Burnett is married and has three children.

“Men in black”, 1997

Even impossible to imagine this film without agent Jay performed by will Smith and agent K Tommy Lee Jones. Who has not seen the film, recall that in the story, a secret Bureau that protects our planet from various aliens and bad guys.

“Ali”, 2001

Sports drama about the great boxer Muhammad Ali. For her role in the film will Smith was nominated for an Oscar, so he’s accustomed to the role of the athlete. The film tells how in 1964 cocky boxer rushes to the ring world, under the name Cassius Clay. Bold and outspoken, he rewrites history for African Americans in sport with his proud confidence.

“I, robot”, 2004

A movie about the future with robots and artificial invader. Smith played a COP who suspects almost every robot in the program failure and rebellion. Once that happens, and the hero will need to rescue people from the robots. By the way, the film was nominated for an Oscar, but lost to “spider-Man”.

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“The pursuit of happyness”, 2006

Biopic about a man who went from being poor to a sales representative broker Chris Gardner. Will Smith played together with his son and, by the way, the second time he was nominated for “Oscar”. The story takes place in 1981. From Chris Gardner’s wife leaves, and he is raising 5-year-old son. Chris struggles to make the child grow up happy. Working seller, he can’t pay rent and they are evicted.

We will remind, the new film from ang Lee “Double” will Smith will play at once two roles: the hero and his young clone.

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