Will Smith will play in the sci-Fi movie “Genius”

The actor will play the main role

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Уилл Смит сыграет в фантастическом фильме "Гениальность"

Will Smith

Hollywood actor will Smith, who starred in the third part of the movie “Bad boys”, will play a major role in the sci-Fi project “Genius”, reports Deadline.

Find out why will Smith did not go into politics:

It should be noted that initially the rights to the adaptation was owned by Universal studios, which wanted to film starring Jared Leto. But then the adaptation has been the company Paramount. Akiva Goldsman is a screenwriter, Smith again heads the casting.

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“Genius” is an upcoming film adaptation of the series fiction novels Marcus Seika, which tells of a future world in which one percent of the entire population of Earth has supernatural powers (or the genome of a genius).

The main character is Federal agent Nick Cooper, who preys on the “genius” of criminals. While Cooper himself is also included in one percent of superhumans.

We will remind, earlier on the page on Facebook will Smith has posted videos under the name of Will Smith’s Bucket List and in the last episode shared with the audience clips from his travels in India.

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Уилл Смит сыграет в фантастическом фильме "Гениальность"

Уилл Смит сыграет в фантастическом фильме "Гениальность"

Уилл Смит сыграет в фантастическом фильме "Гениальность"


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