Will Smith will play the crime boss in the new Netflix project: what is known about the film

The actor played the main role

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Уилл Смит сыграет криминального босса в новом проекте Netflix: что известно о фильме

Will Smith

Hollywood actor will Smith, who celebrated his 51 years, will again operate with streaming Netflix. In the new film The Council (“the Council”) he will play a major role, according to Empire.

Find out why will Smith will not go into politics:

This new project is a crime drama based on real events. Smith will play a crime boss Nicky Barnes, the head of the crime syndicate, composed of seven African American men, who ruled Harlem in the 1970’s-early 1980-ies. It was not quite an ordinary crime syndicate.

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Its founders dreamed of self-sufficient and monitoring of the African-American city-state, funded from drug trafficking.

The film tells about the internal strife between Nicky Barnes and other members of the syndicate. As well as Barnes, sentenced to life imprisonment, eventually became a Federal informant and died in 2012, although this information was not published until this year.

We will remind, will Smith will play a major role in the sci-Fi project “Genius”.

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