Will the Aveyron destination ride on the Paris Olympic Games ?

Will the Aveyron destination ride on the Paris Olympic Games ?

MRCatherine Sciberras, directrice de l’Agence départementale d’attractivité et de tourisme, et Jean-Luc Calmelly, président. Centre Presse – M.ROUALDES

Le département, souvent plébiscité hors saison, pourrait bénéficier du tremplin des Jeux de Paris.

With more than 15 million visitors expected during the Paris Olympic Games, France is preparing to experience an exceptional 2024 tourist year. But to use a term dear to President Emmanuel Macron, will it trickle out of the capital ? Up to our department ? The Departmental Agency for Attractiveness and Tourism (Adat ) hopes so. "If as expected, all Parisians flee the city, we await them with pleasure" smiles the president of the body, Jean-Luc Calmelly. The mayor of Bozouls, and departmental councillor, knows what he is talking about: for many years now, Île-de-France nationals have been the most numerous to spend their holidays in Aveyron. This should once again be the case.


But Adat, strong with a "beautiful" attendance in 2023 – especially in August and September, July being particularly disappointing –, don't just count on Parisians. She sees much further and for several months has continued to hold a series of trade fairs, in all corners of France, to attract tourists. Communication campaigns are increasing and this is already having an impact because, last week, the Gîtes de France in the department increased their reservation rate to more than 10% compared to last year. . So-called group reservations, in free fall since the health crisis, are also on the verge of returning to normal.

Summer highlights to capitalize on ?

In terms of good news, Adat also received numerous requests for reports on the department's new GR62, from Conques to Rodez. And when we know that Aveyron is a favorite destination for hikers, this can only add grist to the mill…hellip; Do these first figures and feelings promise a flourishing summer for tourism professionals ? "S’there is indeed a profession in which one cannot be sure moving forward, it's this one because, every year, we are very dependent on the weather and no one can imagine it!", tempers the director of the ;rsquo;Adat, Catherine Sciberras who, with extensive experience in the sector, knows more than anyone that the year 2024 is surrounded by many uncertainties. Because if the Olympics are about to boost the Parisian economy, they will also have a perverse effect in the provinces.

The “Ch’tis” are welcome!

Would the "Ch’tis" have a crush on Aveyron ? For many years, in any case, there have been many of them investing in the departement. We knew there were many of them near the Decazevillois Basin, "but this is no longer exclusively true!", would like to point out Catherine Sciberras from the Departmental Attractiveness and Tourism Agency. For several months, the director has been working to develop this natural bridge between the region and that of Hauts-de-France. Recently, a team was even sent to the North to set up a stand at a trade show. And above all attract new arrivals at a time when Aveyron’s demographics are particularly suffering. Last year, Northerners even entered the Top 10 of tourists coming to the department. A first step towards even stronger links ?

Due to a lack of security personnel, many events and activities will not take place. Or will be reduced. There are nonetheless some highlights of the Aveyron summer, likely to attract numbers: the passing of the flame in Millau, the 10th anniversary of the Soulages museum or even the 30th anniversary of the Templar race. In the meantime, the Department is increasing its poster and communication campaign "And if you were there ?", in order to ;rsquo;attract. Tourist offices were also invited to apply it, highlighting their most beautiful sites. With the desire to see attendance boosted by the Olympics. Even if, as we know, reaching Aveyron from Paris is not easy…

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