Will Vincent Mazet from Bagnolais be able to volunteer at the Olympic Games ?

Will Vincent Mazet from Bagnolais be able to volunteer at the Olympic Games ?

Vincent Mazet a déjà fait du bénévolat pour cinq événements sportifs internationaux.

Il a été sélectionné et devrait être équipier transport à Marseille. Mais il se heurte à la problématique de la chèreté des logements et a lancé une cagnotte en ligne pour réaliser ce rêve.

Like 45,000 other volunteers, Vincent Mazet was chosen to volunteer at the Paris Olympic Games. Aged 35, he has already volunteered for five international events. Barely 18 years old, he signed up for the Rugby World Cup (2007), then he participated in the organization of the Euro football in 2016, and the Women's World Cup (2019). ), the Rugby Africa Cup of rugby (2022) then the Rugby World Cup last year. "I am passionate about sport and the Olympic Games in France are a dream that only happens every hundred years!", specifies the thirty-year-old. From July 14 to August 12, Vincent will be a transport team member in Marseille.

"The smallest youth hostel costs 1500 euros"

But unlike other competitions he has participated in, the organization does not help volunteers with accommodation. "We had the schedules in April and since then the search for accommodation in the Marseille region is very complicated, the smallest youth hostel costs 1&nbsp ;500 €." To help him realize his dream, the Bagnolais set up an online prize pool. "Being a volunteer at a major competition is a unique human experience and the Olympic Games would be an apotheosis" confides the sports fan who went to see the Olympic flame pass in Avignon. Only ten days left to collect a thousand euros.
The online prize pool, here!

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