Will you go to the cinema tomorrow?

Irez-vous au cinéma demain?

Cinemas Guzzo will open tomorrow and a few rooms of the giant Cineplex. But who will prefer a dark room, the week of beautiful weather that promises to be ?

Surely not me ! I made the full movie since prime minister François Legault has put Quebec on break in mid-march. I saw at least 35 to 40 movies in streaming. What that claim releases “enthusiastic” Cinemas Guzzo, cinema, streaming is not an ” expression fanciful to speak of television “.

I predicted in this column a few months ago, the pandemic will kill a substantial part of the cinema room, the one who has no need for a giant screen or a its wrapping for you to enjoy. I’m talking about 80% of movies, those that are not blockbusters , such as Star Wars or as a Tenet of Christopher Nolan, who will be at the poster from 12 August.


Since the pandemic, hundreds and hundreds of Quebecers were the gift of a large screen television and a sound system adequate. In this context, watching films of the “ordinary” is a cinematic experience quite satisfactory. I don’t feel no need to review in the room most of the films I’ve watched so far on tv.

Some that I’ve seen, in the quiet of my living room I would have put in a bad mood if I had to make me in a movie theater, pay for parking, to pay the price of the ticket and, above all, the exorbitant price of a bag of popcorn and a soft drink. In addition to supporting a 15 or 20 minute wait advertising messages and announcements disseminated to the top of your lungs, the chattering on the cell, my neighbours and the comings-and-goings of those who are never able to find a seat to their liking.


During these three months, I watched at least half of all québec feature films released since the beginning of 2019. If I had a few pleasant surprises, like The wife of my brother , and Antigone (which I saw for the second time), so I can’t say the same of most others, including Matthias and Maxime, the first film really missed the brilliant Xavier Dolan.

However, I will see Mafia Inc. This is the film with the most completed Podz (Daniel Grou). Two hours and 23 minutes to drive as fast as a formula 1 car. Scenes thrilling, interspersed with passages so “gore” that the hair we draw on the head. A scenario is a brilliant and eye-catching Sylvain Guy, the most discreet of our writers and one of the most talented. With this film, it makes a faultless round in the jungle thrillers, but very crowded and full of a thousand pitfalls.

His scenario goes far beyond the simple action movie. It even borrows the accents of tragedy, where he explores the quest for the father of Vincent (Marc-André Grondin), torn between her filial love for Henri Gamache, his biological father (Gilbert Sicotte) and his affection for Frank Paterno (Sergio Castellitto), his adoptive father.

With Mafia Inc., Podz proves that he has nothing to envy to Martin Scorsese, which is no small compliment. Finally, to give partially due to Vincent Guzzo, I ended by promising to review Mafia Inc., but in the hall, this time !

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