Willie Nelson disappoint with his new album

Willie Nelson déçoit avec son nouvel album

Still incredibly productive, the cowboy – who was celebrating her 87e anniversary last April – book here its 70e album in her career, a little over a year after the publication of the much appreciated Ride Me Back Home. Unfortunately, this new chapter is not as satisfactory.

Willie Nelson


First Rose of Spring

“Any “

It is the word that comes to mind at first contact – the cover of the work – which seems to have been crafted by a trainee on a corner table. Worse still, the dull also applies to the bulk of the work, which is where Nelson and his minions, multiply the ballads softer and sterile they were moving.

Even on Don’t Let The Old Man In, a “cover” of Toby Keith, which lends itself well to the current situation of the living legend, Shotgun Willie bows as the piece is more of the karaoke and the adaptation identified. Small consolation : the interpretation – although the affected by the age of the principal – remains significant.

The mr. surprised, however, on I m the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised, a cover of Johnny Paycheck, who is also one of the few excerpts of the album with a high propensity to swingering the company.

Aznavour happens itou

Speaking of ” covers “, one should note that Willie Nelson – who delivers the correct album, but falls short of the rest of his amazing discography – also offers a reworking ofYesterday of Aznavour, such as first popularized in English by Roy Clark. The piece immortal also offers one of the (very) rare touching moments of the work.

Polo & Pan


Feel Good

The duo electro French hits hard on this new ep which, true to his habit, he echoed – often in spite of himself – to other projects, while also refreshing. Somewhere, in between the rare moments of more contemplative of the Temple (the title piece in a testament) and the more recent songs of The Woman (I fall in love with dreamcatcher), Polo & Pan still happens and always doing a balancing act on the thin wire separating the accessibility of the niche.

Klo Pelgag



Dear music industry : it’s beautiful, we can close shop now and avoid a year-end even more morose, and – most importantly – the traditional avalanche of albums of the Holiday season. The LP-2020, it is held. It is there. Not worth it to do more. Already the bar was set high for the author-composer-interpreter who, in spite of itself, raise expectations at the time of each publication and appearance in the media, Klo Pelgag book here, a work as ambitious as concise. Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs is now a municipality, an album and a music experience to live. Yes, it is so good.

Alicia Moffet


Billie Ave.

Artist known to the general public for his participation in The Voice and his career influenceuse, Alicia Moffet took off here as a solo singer with a debut album pop full. First, the pot : the card requires, the interested main preference seems to be set low, rather than playing to the gallery. As a result, her work is too wise, but will appeal to music lovers who appreciate the tunes of Adele and Charlotte Cardin, for example. The flowers ? It is very damn good and the sequel promises to be very exciting.

Coup de coeur

The Rentals



Finally ! After years of struggling, the project rétrofuturiste skimpy by the ex-Weezer Matt Sharp returns to our modernity (or is it the opposite ?) with this fourth LP done in the company of Nick Zimmer (guitarist of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Dave Fridmann (engineer of his on the cult Pinkerton). Results in a work that is in phase with its time (finally !) and that is the image of these gentlemen : abrasive and hard-hitting, while remaining very, very geeky (Sharp preferring to draw inspiration from outer space rather than lived for this disc).

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