Wind bad up dress Ivanka trump: funny photo

A curious incident with the daughter of the US President was in Colombia

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 07:22

Ветер неудачно поднял платье Иванки Трамп: смешные фото

Ivanka Trump

The daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump (and part-time it Advisor to 2017) Ivanka trump got into a curious situation during an official visit to the capital of Colombia, Bogota.

At a meeting with Vice-President Martha Lucia Ramirez and the Minister of defense Guillermo Botero Ivanka wore a green dress by Colombian designer Oihana Ortiz – sleeve ruffle, and fitted top. At some point the wind blew, and the decor of the girl’s dress, according to web users “turned into water lilies”.

Here, how it responded to the users.

“In the course of an accident Ivanka trump was swallowed by venerini Flycatcher”, “When your hair stylist and even your gardener”, “I do Not understand, or lilies, or a dinosaur,” write the people in the comments.

Watch the video: Ivanka trump showed how families

Ivanka Marie trump is the oldest daughter of the 45th President of the United States Donald trump, from March 2017, the assistant of the head of state.

She was born in October 1981 in new York city in the first marriage of Donald trump and Czech model Ivana Zelnickova origin. In this marriage, which lasted 15 years, had three children: eldest son Donald John, Ivanka Marie, and Eric Frederick.

Earlier “Today” was written as Ivanka trump was embarrassing, congratulating the former Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson’s victory in the internal elections of the Conservative party. It is worth noting that over Ivanka trump laughed also because the expression “Those who say that to do something is impossible should not interrupt those who are doing” by giving it to Twitter for the Chinese proverb. However, the connoisseurs of the Chinese language and the people of China agreed on the fact that no relationship that their culture has not.

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