Wind destroys greenhouse in Compton

Canvas torn and twisted metal, the show was disheartening Saturday morning on the farm growers Valleys on the way Hyatt’s Mills in Compton. The strong winds simply ripped off one of the tunnels used for growing vegetables.
“We set it up on Friday morning,” said Guillaume Lapointe, head of farm crops. The $ 800 canvas is completely scraped and was unfolded on Friday morning. I have never seen such massive destruction. We were relatively lucky. There was still damage to the other tunnel too. The arches were raised and deported. “

Guillaume Lapointe evaluates the damage related to the destruction of the tunnel to $ 5,000. Crops were not planted yet, but losses on sale are estimated at about $ 15,000.

“These are structures that can not be ensured, even our greenhouses worth $ 60,000 are uninsurable,” said Guillaume Blouin. In fact, we could insure them, but it costs the price of the structure each year. There are too many risks for insurers. ”

Mr. Lapointe, who has been in the business for a decade, however, ensures that consumers will not feel the impact of this situation.

“It does not help us, that’s for sure, but it does not jeopardize our baskets either. We have enough diversity to meet the demand. It is certain that we are able to compensate elsewhere. ”

It is still unclear how the winds were able to tear the greenhouse completely.

“It was very violent, but I do not know how it can happen. These bars are supposed to be straight, he says pointing to completely twisted metal bars. It will be difficult to reuse this equipment. ”

The farm Les Vallons maraîchers already has some solutions on the table to prevent this situation from happening again.

“We are considering investing in more permanent structures,” says Guillaume Lapointe. They are obviously much more expensive, but they are obviously more solid. It is flat to say, but we are moving towards more extreme climatic conditions. I do not want to be alarmist because with global warming we can do more crops, but it comes with extreme conditions. ”

The farm also had to deal with a blackout for about ten hours in the night from Friday to Saturday.

“We have not lost too many products, it is relatively negligible in the face of situations that we have experienced in the past. Last autumn we lost the current for two days. ”

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