Windows 10 invaded the whole world: figures are appalling

Consumers actively get rid of old laptops, buying a new Windows 10

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Windows 10 захватила полмира: цифры ужасают

“Ten” is installed on 48 percent of computers worldwide

Windows 10 finally has established itself as the dominant operating system on computers around the world. In January, the “ten” were able to take a leadership position with a small gap from Windows 7, and even then not for long to lose it. But the aggressive policy of Microsoft to impose Windows 10 gave its fruits – it is installed on 48 percent of computers worldwide, according to TechSpot.

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This is a significant leap approximately 9% compared with the January figures, and the use of Windows 7 fell even more – up to 32%. After a terrible message about the imminent end of support, Windows 7 users have gradually accepted the inevitable, and now moving to Windows 10. “Seven” is already living out their days and will be finally “buried” January 14, 2020, and thereafter will be a security – nobody wants to be vulnerable. Now consumers are actively getting rid of old laptops and computers, buying new, more productive and with Windows 10.

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Naturally, many Windows 7 users would prefer Microsoft to continue to support your favorite OS indefinitely, but the tech giant has made it clear that it is economically disadvantageous. Instead, Microsoft has a vision for the future of Windows, and it is not gradual and the changes to the operating system, instead of a new release, like XP, 7 and 8). The software giant sees Windows 10 as the platform of a “living service” which will eventually be updated, changed and improved.

Earlier, Microsoft promised that the update will make Windows 10 “super fast”.

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