Windows XP and Windows 7 were the most dangerous in the world

Urgently Microsoft has released a hotfix for Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 and XP

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 08:28

Windows XP и Windows 7 оказались самыми опасными в мире

Windows 8 and 10 are not affected

Microsoft has sounded the alarm. In Windows 7 and legacy Windows XP was discovered a dangerous vulnerability repeat of the infamous incident with WannaCry. The company has not found related to the “hole” in security exploits, but it strongly recommends that users download and install the latest updates. And this applies even to the older Microsoft operating systems – that’s how serious was the problem. Microsoft writes about this in his blog.

The security hole was discovered in the remote desktop services (RDP), formerly known as terminal services. According to the company, the remote desktop Protocol is not vulnerable, but that vulnerability is a pre-authentication and requires user interaction.

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Roughly speaking, the vulnerability is potentially dangerous, as malware can use exploits to distribute to other computers around the world, like WannaCry in 2017.

Windows 10 and 8 remain unaffected by this problem, because “Microsoft invests heavily in enhancing the security of their products, often through significant architectural improvements that cannot be relocated on an earlier version of Windows”.

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For operating systems whose support has terminated, including Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, Microsoft recommends upgrading to the latest version of Windows as the best way of eliminating this vulnerability. However, the company has provided fixes in a patch KB4500705 that users will have to apply manually.

Given that millions of devices worldwide, including many ATMs still use XP, the fix is really critical, and it now remains only to apply it to avoid problems in the future.

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We will remind that earlier the Firefox browser is broken around the world. At the same time the updates to Windows 10 in may prepare a nasty surprise.

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