Winning an Oscar is “surreal”, says Quebecer Adrien Morot

Winning an Oscar is «surrealist», believes Quebec ;cois Adrien Morot


Quebecer Adrien Morot says he had a “surreal” moment when he went to pick up the Oscar for best makeup and hairstyles, Sunday evening, on the stage of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. < /p>

“Winning an Oscar was never something I could imagine, so when you hear the presenter say your name, it's like you're losing touch with reality, said the Montrealer, joined Monday by The Journal

“I felt a bit like in Saving Private Ryan, when a bomb explodes at the beginning of the film, and everything becomes muted.”

Special effects make-up specialist, Adrien Morot received the Oscar for best make-up and hairstyles – with his colleagues Anne Marie Bradley and Judy Chin – for his work in the film The Whale (The Whale), by director Darren Aronofsky (The Black Swan). The 53 year-old Quebecer designed the make-up and the magnifying prostheses that allowed actor Brendan Fraser to slip into the skin of a man weighing over 600 lbs.

Morot s' is also delighted to see Fraser also win an Oscar – that of the best actor – for this performance. The two men bonded while working on the film together.

“I would have been really disappointed if Brendan hadn't won,” he insists. If it was just me who had been rewarded, I think it would have reduced all the work we did to something technical, instead of emphasizing the performance of the actor who was integral to the film. For the film to work, we had to forget the make-up. If it was just the makeup that had been recognized [by the Academy of Oscars], I think we would have missed our shot a bit.”

Back to reality

While most Oscar winners partied until dawn at the Vanity Fair magazine party, Adrien Morot preferred not to splurge because he had important appointments early the next day. The Quebecer has been living in Los Angeles for two years. 

“I went to the Governors’ Ball for about fifteen minutes [the reception following the Oscars] and then I went straight back to the house, he says. 

“I must say that it was a return to reality quite quickly. I was still wearing my tuxedo when I took out the garbage when I got home after the ceremony!” he added, laughing.

This was Adrien Morot's second experience at the high mass of Hollywood cinema. The Montrealer had already earned a nomination for the same Oscar in 2011 for his work in the film Barney's World, in which he aged the character played by actor Paul Giamatti by 30 years. . However, it was The Wolfman who won the statuette.