Winning brain cancer, the actress gave a farewell Zavorotnyuk, no doctor will help

Победившая рак мозга актриса дала напутствие Заворотнюк, ни один врач не поможет

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, photos: RBC

yesterday, 20:28

Russian Playboy model and TV presenter keira Shayn underwent removal of a malignant brain tumor. The girl managed successfully through a terrible period of life and now she’s back to normal life and hopes that the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk will also be able to overcome the disease.

She is convinced that those who throw up their hands and think about death, you really die. And very important the mental attitude. If it is not, then the doctors will not help, because thoughts are material.

Победившая рак мозга актриса дала напутствие Заворотнюк, ни один врач не поможет

Kira Shine, photo: StarHit

“Dear Nastya, life goes on. Need to gain strength and fight. At the hospital, I talked with people, and many gives us strength and helps when perceive a situation as a signal from God that you need to change something in life. Take care of people who are with you now. Try every moment to live with a smile. If there is no attitude, no doctor will help. You always have to believe in yourself and in miracles. Thoughts are material,” said TV presenter in an interview.

After the girl removed a brain tumor and she went to rehab, she regularly visits doctors and lead a healthy lifestyle. During the long rehabilitation, she realized that it was important not to waste your time in vain and called on to do important things now and not to procrastinate.

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