Winter has not said its last word: several ski resorts are extending the season

Winter has not said its last word: several ski resorts are extending the season


Several ski centers in Quebec are extending their season due to higher than average amounts of snow this year, reaching more than 733 centimeters at the Massif du Sud and 643 centimeters at Mont-Tremblant.

“Most resorts are wondering about the possibility of extending the season […] The amount of snow in the mountains is sufficient, everyone wants to continue until Easter Monday and even more”, notes Yves Juneau, president -General Manager of the Association of Quebec Ski Resorts (ASSQ).

At Tremblant, the leaders pride themselves on having beaten their all-time snow record with mountain accumulations of 643 centimeters, compared to 550 last year. In 2020-21, barely 353 centimeters of snow had fallen.

At the same time, managers also took the opportunity to announce that the 2022-23 season was extending until April 23, a week later than expected.

Snow paradise

Despite these record statistics in the Laurentians, it is once again the Massif du Sud in Bellechasse which remains a snow paradise. 

The station will reach an impressive total of 750 centimeters of snow on the ground in the coming days, confirms general manager Luc Saint-Jacques.

“We currently have 733 centimeters and we are still waiting for snow, we will having more than 750 centimeters, it remains the snowiest mountain in Quebec,” he says proudly.

He points out that the average for the Massif du Sud is 700 centimeters per year, recalling that for the 2007-08 season, the mountain was buried in 900 centimeters of snow, an absolute record. This year, the abundance of snow ensures optimal conditions and the slopes will remain in operation until April 23.

Mr. Saint-Jacques explains that the season could even be extended by another week if the response from people is “It doesn't depend on the snow. We could close at the end of May and we would still have enough snow on the slopes to go spring skiing in a t-shirt.”

A good year

Other resorts have also announced additional sliding days. At the Massif de Charlevoix, the end of the season was scheduled for April 9 and finally the leaders decided to postpone this date to April 12. The Sommets Gabriel, Olympia and Morin-Heights will also be in operation for a few additional days, until April 9.

The stakeholders interviewed agree that the 2022-23 season will have been a good one, despite a difficult start to the season. “Afterwards, we really picked up a good cruising speed, which meant that we had good results for January, February and for the school break as well,” confirms Yves Juneau.

Scheduled closure&nbsp

  • South Massif: April 23                       &nbsp ;    
  • Massif de Charlevoix: April 12
  • Le Relais: April 10            
  • Stoneham : April 10
  • Tremblant :  April 23
  • Mont-Orford : April 16           


  • Massif du Sud: 733 cm
  • Tremblant: 643 cm
  • < li dir="auto">Massif de Charlevoix: 590 cm

  • Stoneham: 402 cm
  • Mont-Orford: 359 cm
  • Le Relais: 318 cm

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