With 2,000 devices recycled per year, Envie obtains the QualiRepar label

With 2,000 devices recycled per year, Envie obtains the QualiRepar label

Noémie Léonard, à droite, présentant l’espace réception avec Jean-Louis Philibert et Jean-Paul Allègre, les créateurs d’Envie.

This label allows customers to immediately benefit from the repair bonus.

The repair of household appliances today occupies a preponderant place in relation to economic and ecological issues. For 40 years at the national level, and more than 30 years in Nîmes, the Envie brand has anticipated this situation and offers equipment which, dedicated to a certain end by the customer who gets rid of it, has been collected in a large brand , renovated and repaired in its workshops, thus finding a second life. Since February 1, 2024, Envie Nîmes has been awarded the QualiRepar Label, which attests to the know-how and reliability of the repairer and allows the customer to obtain a repair bonus.

To celebrate the event, the brand, which today employs more than 20 employees, including 15 on a job support and return journey, organized an open day in its Chemin store from Mas-de-Cheylon to Saint-Césaire. Customers and guests were able to follow the different stages a recovered device goes through, from its arrival to the sales hall. Jean-Paul Allègre and Jean-Louis Philibert, two former employees of the Darty brand, creators of Envie Nîmes, detailed the principle of repair, cleaning and other things, everything relating to the restoration of the device. which will be resold with a two-year warranty. "It takes savoir that, in Nîmes, 520 tonnes per year of equipment arrive, of which approximately 18% will be sold, or approximately 2,000 recycled devices."

Circular economy

For Noémie Léonard, the director, obtaining the label is interesting for the client in more than one way: " We have always done repairs, the circular economy is today something of 'essential. For the planet, we must preserve the resource. Repair must be a reflex. If the QualiRepar label guarantees repair quality, which we already ensure, it also benefits from the repair bonus, which encourages repair rather than replacement. With us, the customer benefits immediately: it is us qui we are then responsible for recovering it from the eco-organizations Ecosystem and Ecologic.&amp ;quot; The circular economy has a bright future.

Envie Nîmes, 143 chemin du Mas de Cheylon, Nîmes, tel. 04 66 29 15 14.

Midi Libre Correspondent: 06 87 35 18 06

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