With 47,6°C, New Delhi, crushed by the heat

Avec 47,6°C, New Delhi écrasée par la chaleur

NEW DELHI | With the mercury climbing up to 47.6 °C on Tuesday, New Delhi last in the wave of summer heat dry, which is rampant these days, on the north of India.

The indian capital has come out on Tuesday to its highest temperature for one day in may since 18 years. In the neighbouring State of Rajasthan, the city of Churu was at the same time the hot spot of the South Asian countries, with 50 °C being recorded.

Due to winds north-west, dry over the plains of central India, the heat wave that gripped these last few days in the north-west of the country expected to persist until Thursday, according to the meteorological services indian.

The summer months of may and June are extremely hot and dry in India, with temperatures constantly exceeding 40 °C. This heat falls with the progressive arrival of the monsoon during the month of June.

No deaths have yet been attributed to the episode heatwave in progress. Last year, the ministry of the Interior of india had indicated that 3,500 people were killed in heat waves between 2015 and 2019.

This heat, added to the many plagues which hit India in recent weeks, already affected by the pandemic coronavirus, a devastating hurricane and its worst invasion of locusts in nearly 30 years.

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