With Australia confused: in the North of Austria was walking kangaroo

С Австралией перепутал: на севере Австрии гулял кенгуру

Such a “tourist” here was not expected.

In the North of Austria near the town of Kirchschlag local residents noticed in the forest kangaroo, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on the European Truth.

Police have confirmed numerous statements over the weekend about an unusual animal, but said that the animal still remains at large.

“It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. We’ve alerted all zoos and owners of kangaroos near us, but no one kangaroo is not lost. We hope that the owner will provide,” – said the representative of the local police.

The police are not able to identify what type of kangaroo was spotted, but a local zoologist suggested that it is tree-kangaroo.

С Австралией перепутал: на севере Австрии гулял кенгуру

“It could be a kangaroo Bennett, which has good resistance to cold temperature,” said Daniel Artmann from zoo Smedinga.

As you know, the Austrians often complain that tourists are confusing their country with Australia, which is located at a distance of 14 000 km and where kangaroos are common. The country is also a popular road signs and a sign reading “No kangaroos in Austria”.

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